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Meet Martyna, Marcin, Kasia, fresh off the school

“We’ve met on University of Arts in Poznan. We’ve studied photography but from the very beginning our projects were closer to sculpting than photography. That was something that brought us together. Except the friendship of course. After three years on Uni we knew we want to do something together in future. Marcin is still working professionally as a photographer and with films, but mainly we want to focus on designing objects. We wanted to create a space that could become our art studio but also source of income. That’s why Siup was born as a ‘design collective’ where each one of us can freely work on own projects but also exist as a part of a whole. Beside Siup, we used our studio to work on private creative projects from different genres.”

“As a still young people we are still searching for our path”

“We’ve chosen clay because we wanted to explore something new together. Before Siup we didn’t had much experience with clay but we enjoyed sculpting, so we assumed clay is very intuitive matter to begin with. And it’s working for us. As a still young people we are still searching for our path.”

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Never boring

“Our main goal is to experiment and explore, that’s why we don’t want to limit ourselves to one particular style. We love to observe how our forms evolve and they are our inspiration itself. Every series of objects is different, they are realted to each other but we want them to keep their own character. We are inspired by nature phenomena, organic shapes and process of sculpting itself. Each of us makes their own objects from scratch to finish. Our concept from the very beginning was based on fun and freedom . We’ve never wanted to limit ourselves in creative process, so it have been surprise even for us when it turned out that our objects match each other somehow. Of course before we started we shared similar design fascinations. Right now we spend loads of time together talking about our ideas and sharing inspirations.”

Made in Poland

“Actually because of pandemic we didn’t had much occasion to feel how to be a part of Warsaw’s craftsman community. We are looking forward though, Warsaw is very vibrant if it comes to creative arts.”

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SIUP's favorite on Cool Machine

“We were drawn to Cool Machine instantly, because of the way the products are choosen. Playful forms, pastel colors…we felt that we match ! Our favourite piece are lamps by Objects for objects. We really love how quirky it is !”

The future is now

“We have very exciting upcoming project with clothing brand Doom3k right now. Together we designed few pipes and bongo. We also are preparing 3d animations associated with them which is also something we want to share with our audience. In the future we want to start using other materials and try to make much bigger forms.”

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