Ia Kutateladze is a Georgian multidisciplinary designer based in Berlin. The production is made by her in her studio, where different mediums of design and craft are merged together with experimentation,playfulness and fascination for diverse materials. Her dream is to work on all possible materials, experiment and play with them. Never lose the sense of freedom while creating and always stay curious.


COOL MACHINE : What did you do before building your business?

IAAI : I’m really happy to say, that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do what I love from the very beginning. Working in design independently since 2012, on products like furniture, lighting, object design.

How did you decide to start making ceramic objects (and more) ?

In Georgia, my creative and production process was very different, from what it is now. I was creating the design and then working closely with artisans, who were handcrafting the pieces for me. So I was not really working on materials myself. I was always interested in clay and many other materials. Since I moved to Berlin, I needed to base all of the production process on myself only, so I started working with metal, creating jewelry and after some time also with clay. This material became very important part of my life, it has taught me quite a lot and it still fascinates me every day.


What was the hardest thing to figure out when opening your own studio? Were you afraid at first?

Basically all of the aspects that does not concern creating itself, is scary for me even now. I am in a way quite introvert in what I do, I like to be alone, creating and playing around for hours, all of the rest that is needed for the business seems to be hard and uninteresting for me.

What made you decide to come to Berlin to work? Would you say Berlin influences your work?

When I was moving to Berlin, I was already in love with it. I knew, that this would be a place that I would call home. Berlin influences my work to some extent- it influences my state of mind, I feel relaxed and happy here, I’m at peace with myself and therefore my creative flow never stops.


Did you study? If so did you study a subject that is related to what you are doing now?

Yes, I studied interior and product design in Florence.

Do you think that your education and studies were essential to your success and helped you achieve your dreams, or do you think that it is rather a coincidence ?

I think, the journey that we go through as individuals, shapes who we are and brings us to where we are. But, I don’t necessarily think, that my education was the most crucial aspect of my creative practice. I value the explorations and developments after the studies more.



What’s a typical day at work for you?

I spend quite a lot of time in studio. Not necessarily from early morning, but most of the time I am there. Depending on what I’m working on, sometimes I have a list of products to produce and I know exactly what the plan of the day is. A lot of times, I let myself just be in the moment and play around and explore. I don’t really enjoy administrative work, which is impossible to avoid so, from time to time either from home or studio, I take care of the things that are important for the functioning of the creative practice. In general, I would say, I try to stay quite flexible and listen to myself, I don’t like to have forced work, it should come naturally.

What does your creative process look like? What inspires you to create ?

As I mentioned, my creative process is completely different now compared to what it was some years ago. Working on different materials myself, changed the process completely. Even though, I sketch a lot and always carry small sketchbook around, more than half of my work in created in the moment, without any preparations or plans. I found the process of spontaneous, instinctive creativity through materials and it makes everything so much more playful and experimental than it used to be. I really love to understand the characteristics of materials and then giving them power to form itself, to interact with me. Especially with clay, being in the moment and staying present is really the most satisfying feeling. Inspiration comes from everything, every little detail around me, everything I have experienced consciously and unconsciously. Playfulness, experimentation and curiosity.


Ia's studio in Berlin

How do you see the future of IAAI ?
I reallywant to try out new materials, mediums and experiment more. I see IAAI as a creative practice, not limited to one or two mediums, but really an exploration of variousfacets of design and art.

Do you have any recommendations for someone who wants to start their own business? In your opinion, what are the factors that can lead to success and what are the mistakes to avoid?

Well, unconditional love for whatyou do wouldbe the first important aspect. Becauseitisvery hard at times, so love and patience are essential. Never giving up, constantlytrying to develop and explore, will lead to success at some point. Trying to fit in wouldbeamistake to avoid.



What do you like most at Cool Machine? 

I like Cool Machine, because it is daring and playful, it has strong aesthetical sense, which resonates with mine, everything about it is thoughtful. It makes me smile.

What is your favorite piece from the store?

It is very hard to choose one, but if I had to – Plant Stand by Jonathan Christian.